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Friday, August 21, 2009

Some things even Mommy can't take away

We limit Mo's special treats when he's misbehaving.

For example, throw a tantrum, forget going to the park. He can't have dessert unless he eats his dinner. If he refuses to share a toy with Curly, then I take it away and no one can play with it.

So for several months, if not longer, we've been trying to emphasize to Mo that his actions have consequences.

Well, tonight at the grocery story, he was terrible. Ever since we walked in the store and they didn't have any car-shaped grocery carts, he was a total crab. Pulling things off the shelves. Ignoring me. Sitting down in the middle of the aisle and fake crying.

It was the kind of experience you might refer to as "birth control."

When we (finally!) got to the car and started driving away, I began talking to Mo about how very disappointed I was with his behavior.

Since he's so used to me taking away privileges when he misbehaves, I'm sure he immediately started thinking about what fun things we have planned in the near future.

He gasped.

And then his tiny little voice asks me, "Mom?"


"Do I still get to turn four tomorrow?"

It was exactly the comic relief I needed right then. Happy Birthday, little man.