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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hide and seek

Mo's terrible at hide and seek. Well, at least the hiding part. He giggles and fidgets and sometimes tells you flat-out where he's hiding: "Mom! I'm in the closet!"

But tonight he got really creative.

I could tell he was behind the recliner. But, like always, I loudly pretended to be looking for him elsewhere. As I approached the recliner, he said: "Don't look back here! Worker-guys are busy doing something back here."

("Worker-guys" could be anyone doing a job, like bagging groceries or checking out books at the library - but is most often used to describe construction crew members.)

So I tell him, "Well, I better stay out of the way if there are busy worker-guys back there. I'll try looking in the kitchen instead."

While I'm in the kitchen, going through the motions of searching for him, he yells to me from the living room, "Mom, you got a new statue in the living room."

I walk into the living room and he's standing against the wall, very still. I thought it was so cute and creative to "hide" as himself in statue form. And then, when I tickled that brand-new statue, I magically discovered that it was my son all along.