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Monday, September 14, 2009

Kix invasion threatens bamboo floors

Mo wanted a snack. I had to go to the bathroom. He held up a new box of Kix cereal, and I said, "Fine."

When Curley figured out that Mo had attained a snack, I could hear him scamper up to his big bro and start whining. And then crying.

From the bathroom I yelled, "Share with your brother, please."

My mistake. Big time. I should have seen this coming.

So you guessed it, Mo did exactly what I asked. Only instead of handing Curley a few little corn puffs, he gave the 1-year-old the entire box.

When Mo was 1, he also dumped an entire box of cereal out. Yeah, I should have known.

From the bathroom, I could hear the sound of hundreds of Kix bouncing and cascading over my bamboo floors.

By the time I could survey the damage, both boys were flicking the cereal, rolling it into every corner of the kitchen and living room. They had a grand ole time, jumping on it and smashing the balls into zillions of tiny crumbs. And, of course, they feasted - filling their mouths with fistful after chubby fistful of melt-in-your-mouth cereal.

It was one of those moments where you just have to laugh. And snap a few pics.

So then I started cleaning it up. Mo, annoyed that he couldn't eat any more cereal, asked for popcorn and I obliged. And - as these things happen - as soon as I cleaned up the Kix, Mo tripped on the rug and dumped his entire bowl of popcorn.

So, I clean up the popcorn - turning once to shoo Curley away as he tried to sneak some Kix directly from the open garbage can.

Finally, or so I thought, I'd cleaned up the mess. Since I'd filled the garbage bag, I lifted it up from the can. And guess what? There was a hole in the garbage bag. A hole that expanded rapidly until all the Kix and all the popcorn spilled right back onto our lovely bamboo floors.

Ah, just another day in Boogerland.

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  1. I really enjoy all your posts. They're a combination of exasperation and humor and realness that's so refreshing.


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