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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tired of sleepytime woos

We're all a little bleary eyed over here in Boogerland.

Last week, Curley began throwing all-out fits at bedtime. Put him in his crib: he'd cry. Hold him: he'd cry. Rock him: he'd cry. Try to give him something to drink: he'd cry. Sing to him: he'd cry.

I've already been planning to transition him to the bottom bunk (with guardrail) as soon as he attempts to climb out of the crib. Since he's being such a fussbucket at bedtime right now, I decided to move up the timeline. He's already crying his head off at bedtime, let's just go with it.

And he has, in fact, slept in the big boy bed for the past five nights. But it ain't been easy.

An article in Parade magazine this week said that on average it takes about 20 minutes for a kid to fall a sleep. But the more inactive time they've had in the day will add minutes on to their fall-asleep time. And the amount of active time subtracts minutes from how long it takes them to fall asleep.

Last night, it took more than two hours before they both fell asleep. Since I'm off work today, I made it my mission to tire out those kids, so we wouldn't have a repeat episode tonight.

We played at the Y. Then on to swim lessons. Then storytime at the library. McDonald's playland. Later we headed to the grocery store. And then had some good runaround time at a park.

And after all that, I still hear some rustling upstairs. But guess who's probably the most tuckered out?

Yes, that would be me.