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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Boob tube for the birdies

The concept of reflection is hard to grasp when you're four. (So is sarcasm, but I'll talk about that another day.)

Today was dark and rainy. Cuddled on the couch, Mo and I watched a Rugrats video from the library (until the VCR ate said video, thanks to Curly breaking the VCR with Tinker Toy bits - but again, I digress).

Mo suddenly noticed the reflection of his favorite cartoon in the picture window behind us.

"Mom! Look out there!" he yelled, looking from the real TV to the reflected TV and back again. "It's two TVs! Wow! Two TVs!"

Too tired to explain - because Daddy would have surely given him the entire scientific explanation of light refraction and yada yada yada - I just smiled and said, "Yeah, two TVs."

He grinned back at me and looked out the window some more.

"That's nice, Mommy," he said after a minute. "Now all the animals can watch TV too."