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We've been living overseas since about the time this blog petered out. There are lots of funny Mo-and-Curly-abroad stories to share -- I'm exploring the best way to do that.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Curly the Climber

Lest you think, based on my recent posts, that Mo's the only one causing trouble here in Boogerland- check out where I found Curly a couple days ago. I think it's pretty evident how he got up there, and what he was going for..


  1. The pic turned out a little fuzzy, but that's a box of Rice Krispie treats on the counter.

  2. Oh NO! I don't know if I should LOL! or OMG! But the picture is priceless :)

  3. Well, at least he knows how to get what he wants... right?

  4. Yes, he definitely knows how to get what he wants! He doesn't have many words yet, but he certainly gets his point accross :)

  5. Good for Curly! Going for the good stuff...


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