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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hmmm, maybe we do need a dog

Since I'm feeling listy, here's another good one.

Things I cleaned off the floor yesterday

1. Bits of crescent roll

2. Fishy crackers

3. Cheeze-its

4. A broken up slice of cheese

5. Mac-n-cheese

* If there was any doubt about where we live, I'm sure you've all figured out by now that we're Wisconsinites, since half my list is cheese ...

6. Bath water

7. Drinking water

8. Applesauce

9. Milk

10. Yo-J

11. A red freezy pop


  1. Nah, the dog would not be worth the trouble. It would eat all the stuff but then it would barf and if it wasn't a barf eater you'd have to clean that up too.

  2. Eww. Yeah, I guess I am glad we don't have a dog...

  3. Hahah! We LOVE having our dogs for just this reason. We never ever ever have to sweep. The one downside (if there could ever be a downside to having dogs) is that baby B. sometimes feeds them on purpose. So she's learned early the sneaky way to get rid of the food she doesn't want to eat. :)


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