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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Just say what you mean, Lady

I think I've mentioned recently how 4-year-olds seem to take everything sooo literally. I've had two recent conversations with Mo where it was abundantly clear that I - without realizing it - totally misled him.

1. Today in the car we saw a beautiful rainbow. It was the most vibrant rainbow I've ever seen in person. Excitedly I exclaimed, "Look boys! Look! A real LIVE rainbow."

Mo has seen rainbows in books and on TV, but I'm not sure that he's ever seen one in person. But he was uncharacteristically quiet about it.

"Do you see it?" I asked.

"Yes, Mom, I see it," he paused. "Does it really talk?"


"Well, you said it was alive," he said.

2. At the grocery store the other day, the boys were getting squirrely, as usual. To keep them busy and out of trouble, I excitedly pointed out the granola bar aisle. We needed granola bars.

"Guess what, Kiddo. I'm going to let you pick out ANY box of granola bars you want!" I gestured expansively over the rows and rows of boxes. "Any one you want, Bud."

Instead of inspecting the ones with bits of Oreos or peanut butter chips, he went right for the high-fiber variety. The ones with like, all your fiber needs for six days, packed into a chocolatey little bar. And he was dead-set on getting that kind.

But, he was right, I did tell him he could have any box. So instead of inciting a tantrum I just threw in a box of his favorite rainbow chip bars and hid his high-fiber selection when we got home. He never noticed.


  1. Anonymous8.10.09

    At least Mo is listening to you! :-)

  2. Oooh. I want to see a real live rainbow. How exciting. Might freak me out a little if it talked... but would be an internet sensation if I could get it on film! :)

  3. Yes, I'm sure he was imagining the rainbows on Dora the Explorer. And it didn't help that I emphasized that it was "live!"


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