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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The problem with lollipops

I'm not a fan of lollipops. They seem like too much candy in one shot. And not so good for the chompers.

So my strategy when Mo insists on eating a sucker is that I put the timer on. He has to put down the sucker when the timer goes off. If he doesn't, I throw it away immediately. (I might throw it away later, if it gets gunky, but then I'll trash it on the sly so it's not so devestating.)

Well, he's caught on to me.

A couple days ago, he snatched a sucker while I was wishing my friend a happy birthday on the phone. Not wanting him to eat the whole thing just before dinner, I warned, "OK, I'm putting on the timer."

"Great Mom," he said unphased. "When it starts to beep, I'll quick chew up the rest of it real fast."

Yeah, nice.

And then when I duck into the kitchen to put on the timer he yells to me, "Mom? Do we have any ant traps right now?"

"Um, no," I replied. In the springtime we had a bit of an ant problem. I figured that's what he was thinking of. But then I reconsidered.

"Honey, why are you asking about ant traps?" I asked, suddenly remembering how we warn him whenever he spills someone on the floor: Clean it up right away, otherwise we'll get ants. And sure enough...

"I dropped a piece of my sucker on the floor," he says. "If we had ant traps out, then I don't have to pick it up, right?"


  1. Ant traps.. good one! I think my daughters would mutiny if I tried to make them give up their lollipops before they finished.

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