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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The VCR saga continues

Today at the grocery store, I bought Mo his very favorite toy: 79-cent generic brand scotch tape. Then, like most Wednesdays, we stopped at the library.

When we got home, while Mo was busy making tape creations, Curly hit the eject button on the DVD player. Without hesitation, he took Mo's new library DVD (Care Bears) and shoved it into the VCR at an angle that made me question if I could get it out without breaking it.

After much finagling - while Mo was whimpering over my shoulder - I finally rescued the Care Bears.

Mo, just as frustrated with Curly's VCR obsession as I am, asked me if he could tape it shut.

"Sure," I told him. (I love it when they police themselves.)

Well, a minute and a half later, Curly shoved his chubby hands right through the tape barricade, directly into the mouth of the VCR.

So right now residing in the VCR, we have:
  • multiple shreds of sticky tape that I'll probably never be able to retrieve
  • a bendy straw
  • a hot pink, plastic pipe for blowing bubbles