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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Colorful bathtime

I've been pulling out the tricks lately to urge the boys into the bathtub. And I've had some pretty good success with foam soap and fizzy bath tablets.

The foam soap is just fun - it shoots out like silly string and floats on top of the water - oh, and it gets them clean as they play with it.
The fizzers are, umm, interesting. These aren't the rose-scented pastel numbers you're probably used to. I found some that are specially made for kids, made by Crayola. So, I bribed the boys into the tub, opened the container and let them each pick out one.
I look down as every-growing bright yellow puddles started expanding around each of them. Ewww!! (They were mesmerized, of course.)

Since I couldn't bathe them in what looked like pee water, I opened the container again and asked Mo to pick out another pellet. He did, happily.

A minute letter, my heart sank. Dark red streaks filled the tub. Giggling, Mo lifted up his dripping red hands.

I scrambled for the container again. This time, I made sure to give them each a blue pellet!

Still, it looked like dark swamp water. And it's hard to associate that with getting them clean.
When I washed Mo's fine blond hair, I wondered if it might end up with a hint of the dark blue-green. But it didn't.
In the end, they had one of the best baths I can remember - there was no crying, no cajoling, no threatening or whining. Just lots of pretty colors.


  1. Oh...lol...good luck getting boys to want to bathe. My son is 18 and going to school, living with a friend of ours. so I see the friend the other week and she says - you know he's really neat - I've never seen evidence of him showering.

    And I'm all, I would bet he's never showered.

    He comes home on the week-ends. And I would bet thats when he showers. Gross, right?

  2. I think I would have the same issues trying to bathe them in colored water.. especially pee colored water! I've had a lot of luck with bath paints... my girls paint all over themselves and then hop in the tub to wash it off.

  3. Hey Brooke! I had a friend once suggest that you give the kids each a little plastic bowl filled with baking soda and have them "paint" the side of the tub - my kids love rubbing the stuff with a bit of water and a washcloth, and it cleans the tub at the same time!


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