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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Gymnastic adventures

Mo is a little monkey, so gymnastics class seemed like a no-brainer. However, his first gymnastics class had a dozen kids or more and only two instructors - so they spent most of the time standing in line. And when Mo's bored, he starts looking for trouble. It was a disaster.

So I got him a spot in a very small class with only six kids and two instructors. Unfortunately, the first class was a mess. About once every minute, one of the instructors was getting on his case for not paying attention or doing something he wasn't supposed to. They shouted his name over and over.

Last week he injured his hand and ended up in urgent care. They glued it back together (!) and he's fine - but he missed class.

This week he was worried they wouldn't remember his name. I assured him they would (I think everyone in that gym - kids, parents and instructors will remember him from last time).

I was geared up for another disaster - but he did great. And he was so funny.

Another boy was having trouble sitting on his bottom while waiting for his turn. The teacher kept reminding him over and over. So while Mo was on the mat taking his turn with pre-cartwheels and mini-handstands, the teacher raised her voice, "Sit on your bottom, NOW!"

Mo, who's used to being the troublemaker of the bunch, stopped in the middle of his exercise and sat on his bottom.

Then later the kids were chattering while the teacher was giving instruction. She said, "You will all have a chance to ask questions after I'm done talking."

So when she was done talking, Mo's hand shot up. He asked, "Can I go first?"

She said, "No."

She asked if there were any other questions, and his hand shot up again.

"Where did you learn how to do all this stuff?" he asked, indicating all the gymnastics moves she'd been teaching them.

Finally, she softened a bit and told him the name of her childhood gymnastics instructor. I'm not certain, but I think he may have finally won her over.