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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Naughty strangers

Curly has a wicked diaper rash/yeast infection right now. Another of those side effects from Hirschsprung Disease. This morning, he was walking funny, he was in such pain. My poor little dear.

So after work today, I let him run around sans diaper. Air out. It's supposed to help.

Of course, Mo had to join in the fun. They ran naked laps around the house for awhile. And then they were just kind of playing and goofing around.

"Whatcha doin?" I asked.

Curly looked at me and gibber jabbered. He's so cute. He talks and talks as if we can understand him.

Mo translated. "We're playing a game. Guess what it is, Mom?"


"We're naughty strangers!" Mo said excitedly.

Curly squealed in agreement.

"Really?' I asked. "And what do naughty strangers do?"

"Well, we run around without pants on," Mo said, pointing out the obvious. "And we go around breaking things! And dumping people's root beer in the sink!"

"Wow, that is pretty naughty," I said.

"Yeah, we know" Mo said, and they both started running and laughing again.

At least it seemed to keep the little guy's mind off his sore boodie.


  1. Awww... poor Mo! I'm glad he can run around! When B. gets diaper rash, it doesn't help much to let her air because she just sits on her bum!

    Do you have a special recipe or paste to help when the HD rash appears? Seems every parent has their favorite, and we're always up for suggestions!

  2. Funny name! I tried the "air it out method" and ended up with a "surprise" on my carpet. Oh well.

  3. Kel - Yes, our favorite "recipe" is a generic athlete's foot medicine (clotrimazole) and plain old vaseline or proshield plus. Works better than all the fancy creams, powders and percriptions for Curly. Good luck!

    Quadmama - Yes, we've had many a "surprise" over here too.


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