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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New York, New York

We just got home from a trip to Upstate New York to visit my husband's family. Overall, it was great trip. With two kids, two car seats, a stroller, a diaper bag, blankies, bottles - oh, and a couple of clothes and toiletries, I was freaked about maneuvering through the airports and connecting flights.

While we may have looked like sherpas, it wasn't bad at all. We balanced the booster on top of the stroller and the giganto car seat upside down on the rolly bag, and we were off.

The plane rides went off without a hitch, even though we had to be up in time for a 6 a.m. departure on the way out there and didn't get in until nearly 11 last night. The boys were too excited and curious about everything to misbehave.

In fact, I think the Booger Boys entertained many a travelers on our way from Point A to Point B and back again.

Mo: Where's the Drink Lady?

Me: The Drink Lady?

Mo: Yeah, the one who gave me water on the first airplane.

Me: They're called Flight Attendants. Call them that, OK?

Mo: OK.

A minute later.

Mo: Mom?

Me: Yeah?

Mo: Do you think they have a Snack Lady on this airplane. Cuz I would really like a Snack Lady.

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  1. :) Glad it went well, that the boys were entertained, that the boys entertained others, and that you were kind enough to entertain us with this post.


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