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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Playing with dolls

I want my boys to be well-rounded, so I've always bought them toys that are both traditionally "girl toys" and "boys toys." However, they only have a few dolls, because they're so mean to them.

The same baby who spent some time in our fridge, has recently become one of Mo's favorites. Last night at bedtime, Mo relinquished his baby to Curly, but first he outlined a few important rules.

1. No sucking on baby's head.
2. No drooling on baby.
3. No shining a flashlight in baby's eyes.
4. No showing her your butt.
5. No showing her my butt.
6. No showing her butts of any kind.

Once that was established, Mo handed over the doll. And Curly, who's 18 months old and teething, promptly began sucking on her bald, plastic head.


  1. You make me laugh every time! Let's hope that what they do the baby gets all the craziness out and they don't do it to real little girls (I can just imagine the preschool report: And Curly showed is butt to Annie today...)

  2. What a great list of rules! They all seem important to me too... :)

    For whatever reason, I thought Mo was older than 18 months. So he's only 2 months older than Baby B? Wow!


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