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Monday, December 7, 2009

Ah, the smell of the season

The other day at Target, as I was loading my things onto the conveyor belt (or as Mo says, the container belt), I caught a whiff of my garbage bags.

I did a double take.

Sure enough, they were vanilla scented.

I found this hilarious. Still do, actually.

Mo asked me what was so funny. I held up the garbage bags to him. "Smell," I told him.

"Yummy!" he said.

"We bought vanilla garbage bags! No matter how stinky your brother's diapers get, at least we'll know that they're being contained in delicious-smelling bags."

So that was that.

Yesterday we had a rather festive December afternoon. We'd just finished putting up the Christmas decorations. And then it was time to make a gingerbread house and put on some holiday music.

I also decided to turn on my fake candles - with two wild men in the house, I'm too afraid to have an open flame, but I bought some fake candles that look just as pretty in my Christmas candle holders. They even smell nice.

Mo loves looking at the candles and switching them on and off.

In a moment of inspiration, he said to me, "Hey Mom! Guess what? These 'nilla candles smell just as nummy as our garbage bags!"

Ah yes, just as yummy as our garbage bags.