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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas in Boogerland

Here's how you know that it's the holiday season in my house:

1. Every morning I've been woken by Mo. "Mom! What number is it today?"

I give him the date and his little feet patter away, sometimes with his brother in tow. I can hear them on the steps and then in the kitchen until he finds the coveted advent calender and the day's new piece of molded chocolate.

2. When I do something to upset Mo - like I make something for dinner that's not mac-n-cheese or I send him to time out - he looks at me and threatens, "I'm telling Santa on you!" Or even better, he warns me that if I'm naughty, I could get "cold" in my stocking.

3. The crash we heard in the living room was Curly knocking over the Christmas tree. We lost a few ornaments, but thankfully the little guy was OK. In fact, I think it scared him into finally understanding why we don't let him play near the glittery, ever-fascinating Christmas tree. He's pretty much left it alone ever since.

4. I kept discovering little finger-sized gouges in the rock-hard frosting of our gingerbread house. Finally, I found a spot on the mantel where the little men can't seem to reach it.

5. Our car rides are filled with "oohs" and "ahhhs" - even if it's the same Christmas lights we've driven by a million times, the boys are continually impressed with any sort of lights display.

In fact, most of what they've experienced so far this season - the advent calender, the decorations, lights, crafts, treats and songs - are nothing short of magical to Curly and Mo. I can only imagine the wonder and joy these next few days will bring.

Happy Holidays from Boogerland!!

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