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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Don't mess with Mo

Recently we were loading into the car, heading to a playdate, when one of our neighbors said, "Hello."

Mo (to Neighbor): Do you know where we're going?

Neighbor: Um. To your friend's house?

Mo: Yep! Do you know who it is?


Mo: It's my friend Jackie!

Neighbor: Oh yes, she's a very nice girl.

Me (to Neighbor): Boy.

Neighbor: Right, boy.

Mo: You remember him, right? From Halloween. We went trick-o-treating at your house.

Neighbor: Oh sure, that kid in the funny costume. I remember him.

Mo: Yeah, he was a fire fighter.

Neighbor: That's right, the fire fighter.

Mo folds his arms and turns serious. Then he deadpans:

Mo: He ... was.... Batman.