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Friday, December 11, 2009

The mystery of the missing tape: Solved

Winter showed up in full force in Boogerland this week. On Tuesday and Wednesday it dumped a foot and a half of snow on us. And then it turned bitter cold (it's -2 as I write this).

Today one of my projects was to put plastic over all the windows to help insulate the house a little better. Mo "helped" me for a while, but he was most interested in using the hair dryer to torture his little brother: "Hey look, Mom, I can give him more curls!"

The boys got bored quickly and went off to play. I could hear them giggling in the bathroom. They love to climb into the large cupboard under the sink (now empty) and "hide" in there with their flashlights.

To put the plastic up, I was using double-sided tape from a kit we used last year. I knew I had a second role but couldn't find it. When the first roll ran out, I took a break and went to check on the boys... and discovered where the tape went.

Mo exclaimed, "Mom! Look! We made a spider web!"


  1. ROFLMBO!!!!!!!!! That is so something my kids would do!!! We got 15 inches, about ... and I know what you mean about the bitter cold! UGH!

  2. OH MAN! LOLOLOL! Thats too funny...thanks for the giggles...

  3. Nice! The clever kids continue!


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