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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mommy's education, Part 2

In the back-to-school spirit, I shared some lessons Friday that I've learned from Mo. But I'm learning just as much from Curley.

1. Curley's been through a lot in his little life - surgeries, therapy, meds, IVs, PIC lines, shots. I'm not sure if it's because of this or if it's just his personality, but Curley very rarely cries when he falls down. I once saw him barrel right into the corner of an table - it hit him right between the eyes and knocked him flat on his back. He rolled onto his belly and crawled away, on to the next thing.

Don't let anything slow you down. If you fall, get right back up.

2. When he feels like being sociable, Curely likes to wave and say, "Hi." And it doesn't matter if you're emptying garbage cans or working behind a register or rushing your kids to day care. He says "Hi" to everyone. In fact, it sometimes catches strangers off guard, and Mo's taken to explaining, "We have a very friendly baby."

Be kind to everyone, including people you've never met and may never see again.

3. Part of the joy of little kids is how easy it is to make them happy. Rolling down a hill, throwing sticks in the water or petting a dog constitute major excitement. They truly stop and smell the roses. Happiness for Curley is a cup of milk, a soft blanket and a hug from Mom.

Savor the simple pleasures and countless wonders that surround us every day.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Mommy's education, Part 1

With all the back-to-school frenzy around me, I've been worrying a little about getting Mo ready for kindergarten. He's got a full year before that happens, but he doesn't yet know how to write his name. And we need to work on sitting still, paying attention and taking turns.

As I've been exploring different ways to teach him all the many things they are supposed to know before kindergarten - it occurs to me that I'm learning just as much from him. Or maybe even more.

So let me share some lessons from Mo.

1. A couple days ago we were playing at a park overlooking a lake. We threw rocks into the water, and he took his shoes and socks off and shuffled in just a little past his ankles. Then he slipped and fell. Shorts, shirt, totally soaked. I didn't have a change of clothes or a towel or anything. But he just got up, looked at me, unconcerned, and said:

It's OK. The sun will dry me off, Mom.

2. This morning I brought down clothes for both kids and put them on the couch. Mo unfolded both his and Curley's socks, and decided to wear one of each. Red-and-white stripes on one foot, navy on the other. He told me:

They don't have to match. They work fine just like this.

3. And the lesson that he preaches to me over and over, when he's climbing the furniture, making elaborate forts, trying to give his brother a ride of some sort or lobbying for another snack:

Don't worry, Mom. Everything will be OK.

Coming up next: Lessons from Curley.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nearly wordless Wednesday

Can a toy blender pop a balloon?

Answer: No.

Well, at least not without the help of a sharp thumbnail.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

10 telltale signs you're a mama

Find my latest post on the Wisconsin State Journal site. And check out some of the comments - yikes!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Some things even Mommy can't take away

We limit Mo's special treats when he's misbehaving.

For example, throw a tantrum, forget going to the park. He can't have dessert unless he eats his dinner. If he refuses to share a toy with Curly, then I take it away and no one can play with it.

So for several months, if not longer, we've been trying to emphasize to Mo that his actions have consequences.

Well, tonight at the grocery story, he was terrible. Ever since we walked in the store and they didn't have any car-shaped grocery carts, he was a total crab. Pulling things off the shelves. Ignoring me. Sitting down in the middle of the aisle and fake crying.

It was the kind of experience you might refer to as "birth control."

When we (finally!) got to the car and started driving away, I began talking to Mo about how very disappointed I was with his behavior.

Since he's so used to me taking away privileges when he misbehaves, I'm sure he immediately started thinking about what fun things we have planned in the near future.

He gasped.

And then his tiny little voice asks me, "Mom?"


"Do I still get to turn four tomorrow?"

It was exactly the comic relief I needed right then. Happy Birthday, little man.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Seesaws and false advertising

I was driving with the boys yesterday. As we approached a neighborhood park, "the blue park," Mo sighs loudly from the backseat.



"There's no seesaw at the blue park!" he says definitively.

I nod in agreement. "Yes, Honey, I know." Trying to follow his train of thought, I added, "They don't have a fire pole either." Because right now, he just loves fire poles.

"But MOM!" he says, getting angry.


"The sign says there's a seesaw at that park. And I KNOW there's not a seesaw at the blue park!" he fumed.

Confused and trying to placate him, I simply agreed. "OK. You're right." And then I quickly changed the subject.

But on the drive back home, I figured it out. And I realized I should have taken little Mo a bit more seriously. He's a smart little bugger. And a very deep thinker.

About a block before the park - the blue park that contains absolutely NO seesaw - here's what I saw, what Mo must have seen, too:

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Livin' life - just on a smaller scale

My post today is on the Wisconsin State Journal mommy blog.

Your comments are welcome and much appreciated :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dollies beware!

Dollies have a rather morbid history in our house. A couple months ago I wrote about one unfortunate incident, which I called "Frozen Cabbage."

Well, yesterday we took a nice walk and stopped by a few garage sales along the way. The boys latched on to a toy roller coaster and Ferris wheel that came with four little dolls and two cars. For three bucks, it was an easy sale.

They've been playing with it ever since we got home. At first they ignored the dolls and just zoomed the cars up and down the roller coaster tracks.

Then Mo thought it would be funny to force a dolly to ride the roller coaster backwards.

Then he threw a couple dollies on the track and yelled, "Oh no! Don't hit the sleeping babies on the tracks!"

Then his attention turned to the Ferris wheel. But instead of giving the dolls a nice ride, he decided to hang them upside down by their feet.

Yeah. Now I remember why we don't have more dollies around our house.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


So, last week I told ya about our brand new bamboo floors. In those seven days since they've been installed, we've really done our part to initiate them into our family. (Welcome to Boogerland, sucker!)

In a mere week, the floors:

  • Were peed on twice by Curly.

  • Began sporting a mysterious gooey, gummy substance that you have to pick off with a fingernail.

  • Were stamped - as in by an ink stamper, held by a certain 1-year-old who opened a cupboard, dug out a box and pulled out a tiny drawer in order to find said stamper.

  • Were beaten, exactly twice, by Mo yielding a metal ice cream scooper.

  • And this morning, Curly threw up all over them. (Not because he's sick, but because he took a large bite out of some sidewalk chalk and chewed it up - which apparently, can cause a vomiting reaction.)

Also on the floor front, we discovered water in our basement this weekend. Turns out when you flush the downstairs toilet, a gush of water spews across our basement storage room. Apparently the floor guys didn't put the potty back correctly.

They're coming to fix it tomorrow.

Never a dull moment, right?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Discipline attempt #405

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

More pick-up lines from Mo

We had our friend B. over for dinner this weekend. She's cute and single, so not surprisingly, 4-year-old Mo was ready with his pick-up lines.

He started out strong.

Cuddling up to her, he commented, "You're very soft!"

He then got even bolder.

"I love you."

And later it was, "I love you the best!"

But then he crashed. Lost all his positive momentum. Let himself be seen as the little boy he truly is.

Attempting to impress her, he exclaimed, "Hey, guess what? I just tooted on my hand!"

Friday, August 7, 2009

Impressionable child both green and clean

I had a surreal experience at the grocery store today with the boys.

Mo, who can't even write his own name, walked right up to the Green Works brand of house-cleaner and says, "This is Green Works. How about we buy some and bring it home."

I stared. We've never used this brand, and I've never even really noticed it.

"How did you know that was called Green Works?"

He shrugged.

I tried to remember if our day care lady uses the stuff.

"Seriously, how did you know that was Green Works?"

"I just read it, Mom."

Slightly puzzled, I continued our shopping adventure. And then on the drive home, again, he asked, "Mom, why didn't we get any Green Works."

"Well, we have other cleaners at home. And they're environmentally friendly, so don't worry."

He sighs. "But Mom, Green Works disappears the stains off your counters. And they have Green Works wipes."

My gosh. Maybe he learned to read overnight.

And then he clued me in:

"I learned all about it on TV, Mom."

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday: Bamboo-zeled

The good thing about brand-new bamboo floors: They look amazing.

The bad thing about brand-new bamboo floors: Now we need to paint. And get new furniture.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Story time and other tortuous pursuits

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I also just noticed this is my 100th post for Better Than Boogers. Wow!