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Since this blog was active, we moved overseas and back again. Now you can read about the boogers' latest adventures at www.boogersabroad.com.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The truth about Grandma and Grandpa

At day care the other day, Mo found a small toy grill. This must have triggered a memory from last time we were at my folks' house.

He went to our day care lady, and gravely he said, "Guess what?"

"What?" she asked, thinking he had a big secret to confess.

"My grandma and grandpa EAT DEAD CHICKENS!!"


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

On Thursday morning, Mo ran into my bedroom, "Happy Thanksgiving!"

"Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Sweetie," I replied.

"I love Happy Thanksgiving," he said.

"I do, too. Why do you love Thanksgiving?" I asked.

Mo's an outspoken vegetarian, so I was a bit surprised to hear him so excited about a holiday sometimes called Turkey Day. But I thought perhaps he was excited to see our extended family or he liked the idea of giving thanks (the reasons I like Thanksgiving).

"Because, Mom," he explained, "Happy Thanksgiving has candy in it."

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New York, New York

We just got home from a trip to Upstate New York to visit my husband's family. Overall, it was great trip. With two kids, two car seats, a stroller, a diaper bag, blankies, bottles - oh, and a couple of clothes and toiletries, I was freaked about maneuvering through the airports and connecting flights.

While we may have looked like sherpas, it wasn't bad at all. We balanced the booster on top of the stroller and the giganto car seat upside down on the rolly bag, and we were off.

The plane rides went off without a hitch, even though we had to be up in time for a 6 a.m. departure on the way out there and didn't get in until nearly 11 last night. The boys were too excited and curious about everything to misbehave.

In fact, I think the Booger Boys entertained many a travelers on our way from Point A to Point B and back again.

Mo: Where's the Drink Lady?

Me: The Drink Lady?

Mo: Yeah, the one who gave me water on the first airplane.

Me: They're called Flight Attendants. Call them that, OK?

Mo: OK.

A minute later.

Mo: Mom?

Me: Yeah?

Mo: Do you think they have a Snack Lady on this airplane. Cuz I would really like a Snack Lady.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Boogerland or barfland…

Lest you wonder where we’ve been lately, a nasty stomach bug has been working its way through our family. There isn’t much that I can say about it that’s funny or interesting - but here are a couple things:

1.Where did we catch this nasty tummy bug? I suspect that it was in the crowded doctor’s office, filled with lots of little kids and their parents. We ended up getting two doses of the H1N1 vaccine – plus our special bonus: three cases of the stomach flu.

2. And yesterday, when I felt like death warmed over, I took refuge in the upstairs bathtub. I submerged myself in warm water as much as possible, with my ears under water and my eyes closed.

Imagine my surprise when Mo, who snuck in the bathroom unbeknownst to me, decided to help me out a little by adding some more water to the tub. He simply unscrewed the top off his sippy cup and dumped its entire contents (ice cold water) onto my belly.

I screamed and flailed and scared the kid to death. He kept repeating, “Mom, I was trying to help.” I know he was, but talk about a rude awakening!

I guess the moral for today is that good intentions don’t always pay off.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mo's funny-ache

Last weekend we went to Mount Olympus in the Wisconsin Dells after I got an awesome deal using their "Make An Offer" feature. It was a last-minute getaway. We did the same thing last year after I found a great deal.

Mo goes crazy for waterparks - and they have an indoor waterpark which is the perfect size for our family - a few big slides, a large kids' area and a lazy river. We tried going to one of the super-sized waterparks with Mo when he was little and it was just too loud and overwhelming.

Mt. Olympus also has an indoor theme park, which has several small carnival rides - again, perfect for a kid Mo's size. And all of this is included with the cost of the hotel room.

Well, since the weather was so nice last weekend, they had some of the rides in their huge outdoor theme park open too - bonus! - so it was like going to Six Flags, and then an indoor carnival, and then a water park. Talk about a lot of excitement in one day. And a lot of junk food.

While we were riding the swings at the outdoor theme park, I asked Mo how he was feeling. He said, "I have a funny-ache." What a perfect way to describe the feeling on a roundy-round ride.

But soon, Mo set his sights on the waterpark. I kept suggesting different "dry" rides before we made the trek back to our rooms to get our swimsuits on. I could tell he was done when he said, "NO!"

"What's wrong, don't you like the rides," Daddy asked.

"This place is just too," he paused and looked around, "too themey for me!"

So we abandoned the theme parks and took the kid to the waterpark, where he went up and down, up and down, up and down the slides a million times. What a day! We had to finally drag him out of there.

On our way to dinner, we found a candy shop and just had to stop. Maybe not our smartest move.

When the kid threw up later that night, we shouldn't have been surprised.

Fast forward to today. I had a doctor's appointment, and to get him to be quiet for two minutes so I could talk to my doc, I gave Mo a sucker from his Halloween candy. As he unwrapped it, he told the doctor, "This weekend, my Mommy gave me too much candy and I throwed up!"

Thanks kid.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Colorful bathtime

I've been pulling out the tricks lately to urge the boys into the bathtub. And I've had some pretty good success with foam soap and fizzy bath tablets.

The foam soap is just fun - it shoots out like silly string and floats on top of the water - oh, and it gets them clean as they play with it.
The fizzers are, umm, interesting. These aren't the rose-scented pastel numbers you're probably used to. I found some that are specially made for kids, made by Crayola. So, I bribed the boys into the tub, opened the container and let them each pick out one.
I look down as every-growing bright yellow puddles started expanding around each of them. Ewww!! (They were mesmerized, of course.)

Since I couldn't bathe them in what looked like pee water, I opened the container again and asked Mo to pick out another pellet. He did, happily.

A minute letter, my heart sank. Dark red streaks filled the tub. Giggling, Mo lifted up his dripping red hands.

I scrambled for the container again. This time, I made sure to give them each a blue pellet!

Still, it looked like dark swamp water. And it's hard to associate that with getting them clean.
When I washed Mo's fine blond hair, I wondered if it might end up with a hint of the dark blue-green. But it didn't.
In the end, they had one of the best baths I can remember - there was no crying, no cajoling, no threatening or whining. Just lots of pretty colors.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Naughty strangers

Curly has a wicked diaper rash/yeast infection right now. Another of those side effects from Hirschsprung Disease. This morning, he was walking funny, he was in such pain. My poor little dear.

So after work today, I let him run around sans diaper. Air out. It's supposed to help.

Of course, Mo had to join in the fun. They ran naked laps around the house for awhile. And then they were just kind of playing and goofing around.

"Whatcha doin?" I asked.

Curly looked at me and gibber jabbered. He's so cute. He talks and talks as if we can understand him.

Mo translated. "We're playing a game. Guess what it is, Mom?"


"We're naughty strangers!" Mo said excitedly.

Curly squealed in agreement.

"Really?' I asked. "And what do naughty strangers do?"

"Well, we run around without pants on," Mo said, pointing out the obvious. "And we go around breaking things! And dumping people's root beer in the sink!"

"Wow, that is pretty naughty," I said.

"Yeah, we know" Mo said, and they both started running and laughing again.

At least it seemed to keep the little guy's mind off his sore boodie.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Playing with dolls

I want my boys to be well-rounded, so I've always bought them toys that are both traditionally "girl toys" and "boys toys." However, they only have a few dolls, because they're so mean to them.

The same baby who spent some time in our fridge, has recently become one of Mo's favorites. Last night at bedtime, Mo relinquished his baby to Curly, but first he outlined a few important rules.

1. No sucking on baby's head.
2. No drooling on baby.
3. No shining a flashlight in baby's eyes.
4. No showing her your butt.
5. No showing her my butt.
6. No showing her butts of any kind.

Once that was established, Mo handed over the doll. And Curly, who's 18 months old and teething, promptly began sucking on her bald, plastic head.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Gymnastic adventures

Mo is a little monkey, so gymnastics class seemed like a no-brainer. However, his first gymnastics class had a dozen kids or more and only two instructors - so they spent most of the time standing in line. And when Mo's bored, he starts looking for trouble. It was a disaster.

So I got him a spot in a very small class with only six kids and two instructors. Unfortunately, the first class was a mess. About once every minute, one of the instructors was getting on his case for not paying attention or doing something he wasn't supposed to. They shouted his name over and over.

Last week he injured his hand and ended up in urgent care. They glued it back together (!) and he's fine - but he missed class.

This week he was worried they wouldn't remember his name. I assured him they would (I think everyone in that gym - kids, parents and instructors will remember him from last time).

I was geared up for another disaster - but he did great. And he was so funny.

Another boy was having trouble sitting on his bottom while waiting for his turn. The teacher kept reminding him over and over. So while Mo was on the mat taking his turn with pre-cartwheels and mini-handstands, the teacher raised her voice, "Sit on your bottom, NOW!"

Mo, who's used to being the troublemaker of the bunch, stopped in the middle of his exercise and sat on his bottom.

Then later the kids were chattering while the teacher was giving instruction. She said, "You will all have a chance to ask questions after I'm done talking."

So when she was done talking, Mo's hand shot up. He asked, "Can I go first?"

She said, "No."

She asked if there were any other questions, and his hand shot up again.

"Where did you learn how to do all this stuff?" he asked, indicating all the gymnastics moves she'd been teaching them.

Finally, she softened a bit and told him the name of her childhood gymnastics instructor. I'm not certain, but I think he may have finally won her over.