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Friday, January 29, 2010

Introducing Skelator Mama

It's frickin' cold outside. Just like you'd expect in Wisconsin in January. Right now the temp reads 12 degrees F, but they say it feels like zero. Frickin' cold.

So this morning I bundle up the boys and get everybody out the door. We're halfway to preschool when I realize I don't have any gloves for myself. And I needed to stop for gas. Ugh.

Just before heading bare-handed into the freezing outdoors, I glimpsed a spare pair of gloves, bundled up like socks, in my passenger seat. In theory, I try to keep a spare pair in the car for times likes these but I'm not very good about it. So, yeah, score one for Mama!

They looked like your basic, cheap knit gloves. We have about a zillion pairs floating around the house.

But when I unrolled them, well, they were clearly Mo's special gloves. So today, I got to be Skelator Mama.