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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Let's go on vacation forever

We just got back from a nice winter escape to Florida. When we got back to Wisconsin it felt so dreary and dank here, and - of course - freezing cold.

In Florida, everything seemed brighter - the green plants, the towering palm trees, the yellow and pink buildings, the orange walls in our vacation home. My parents rented a house and we all got to say there. One day the maintenance man stopped buy to answer some of my dad's questions.

I could tell Mo was having a good time when he asked me: "Can we stay here forever?"

"I wish we could," I told him.

"Well, why don't you just ask the guy?" he asked, motioning to the maintenance man.


  1. If only it were that easy! On our honeymoon, my hubs and I overheard lots of newlywed conversations about how they could stay on Kauai forever - us included!

  2. I felt that way when we went to Maui. If only....

  3. Funny! I love the name of your blog!! Following from MBC!

  4. I'm pretty sure the maintenance man wouldn't mind... Mo's pretty smart.


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