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Monday, January 18, 2010

Disappointment starts here

At the indoor playground today, Mo declared, "I'm having fun with all the kids except that one girl I don't like."

"Well, just don't play with her then," I told him, and he ran off again.

Soon I saw him chasing a little girl who was maybe 5 or 6, an older woman. She giggled and ran. He yelled and ran after her. It was cute. She was the one he "didn't like."

Only then I noticed him kiss her on the arm. "EW! Stop!" she yelled in response. Then he took off and tried kissing her again.

I pulled him aside and asked him to quit it.

Soon after, I saw him grab another girl in a game of chase. That was my cue that it was time to go.

In the car I told him that you can't just grab girls and kiss them, especially when they've told you to stop. And then I kept thinking, He's four! Are we really having this conversation already?

Soon after, he started getting angry.

"Why is everything pointed?" He shouted. "You're pointed. My teacher is pointed. Daddy is pointed. AHHH!"

Pointed? Did he mean, like, sharp. Like I was being too strict with him.

"How are we pointed, Honey?" I asked.

"Like, telling me I can't grab girls. Or play fight. Everyone is making me so 'pointed," he said.

Ah, disappointed. He's disappointed in his lack of freedom, in the rules we're imposing on him.

Wow, if he's disappointed now, just imagine when he starts getting saddled with chores and homework and curfews.

I wanted to tell him to get used to it, life is full of disappointments. But he's only 4. He has plenty of time to figure that out.