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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Purple nail polish goes with everything

I got my little cousin a sweatshirt for Christmas but wanted something else, something small, to go with it. I had the boys with me at the mall, and we stopped at a teeny bopper store. They had little 5-packs of tiny, glittery nail polish. Seemed perfect.

Mo seemed to think so too. Actually, he thought they seemed perfect for him.

Mo caught me painting my toe nails when he was just two and demanded that I paint his too. Now, just about every time I paint my toe nails, I paint his too. Not a big deal. Got a couple comments at the water park once, but they aren't very noticeable.

Well, when I went to the checkout at the teeny bopper store, the cashier told me the nail polish packs were buy one get one free. So I slyly grabbed another and they appeared in Mo's stocking on Christmas morning. I figured I could use some different, fun colors in addition to my boring (old lady?) reds and pinks.

A couple days ago, Mo found his nail polishes and begged me to paint - no, not his toe nails. His fingernails. Which is funny because I never paint my short little finger nails - just my ugly toes in the hopes of making them a little less ugly. Perhaps this comes from spending the holidays and New Years around his grandmas with their pretty, painted fingernails.

So, as requested, I painted his fingernails a lovely shade of purple.

Mo started a new preschool program this week. So the morning of his new school experience, Dad gently nudged him to get his nail polish taken off. He even promised that I would put on a new color later in the day.

Mo flatly refused.

"Then I won't be a rock star anymore!"

I honestly told him that mostly just girls wear nail polish (gasp - he had no idea). So the kids at school might make fun of him.

He thought about that for a minute and then decided, "That's OK. I just like how it looks, Mom."

So that was that. We let him go with it.

And not only did he wear the nail polish, he proudly pointed it out to just about everyone we saw that day. And so far the response has ranged anywhere from a mild, "Oh" to an enthusiastic "Nice," to another mom telling me that her young son's toes were painted underneath his shoes and socks.

And I must say, I'm really proud of Mo. Already questioning and breaking social conventions. And he has just the right attitude to get away with it.

It will be interesting to see if he's sporting finger nail polish on his first day of kindergarten in September.