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Friday, January 22, 2010

This is Mo, leave a message

I thought it would be cute if Mo recorded the message on our answering machine. As an outgoing 4-and-a-half-year-old, I was sure he'd be up for the task. And boy was he ever.

"Hi. We're not home. I love you. Whoever you are, because I don't really know. I love you. Want to be my friend? Bye."

"Hi. [cough, cough] Oh no, I'm choking. Ha, ha, ha! We're at the doctor's office now, because I'm choking. Ha, ha, ha! So just leave us a message."

"Hi. Sorry I coughed last time."

"Hi. We're not home. I love you. Leave a message. Did you know I'm a rock star? Like Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson is dead! He's buried in the ground. I love you, bye."


  1. I like the message apologizing for coughing in the previous message. Too funny.

  2. That's adorable! It's so funny how toddlers think! Mine is only going to be 3, so I can't imagine what she will be saying next year!


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