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Monday, February 8, 2010

Little fashionista

The boys' dresser is too tall for Mo to reach the top drawers safely. Yet I want to continue encouraging him to dress himself - which has been a huge time-saver in the morning.

So I recently began using an under-the-bed storage container for Mo's clothes for the week. I put seven pairs of pants, seven shirts, undies and socks in the bin. I even make sure all the tops and pants match each other so he looks good no matter which combination he picks.

After a couple weeks, I started to feel guilty about preselecting all of Mo's outfits. He looked too polished, too grown up. He used to get so creative with his plaids and stripes and his bright green dog collar he sometimes wears as a belt.

Oh, but then he started getting creative again. That's my boy.

First he put his turtleneck on backwards and inside out. I pointed out what was incorrect and asked him if he'd like to change it before preschool. He said, "No, it's not scratchy or anything. I like it like this."

So I let him go like that. Interestingly, no one said a word even though it was quite obvious with his tag at the base of his throat.

Then he found a pair of Curly's sweat pants and decided to wear them to day care. I pointed out that his calves were exposed and he couldn't leave the house like that in the dead of winter. He went back to his room to change.

However, when he came back, instead of wearing new pants, he'd added a pair of knee socks to the ensemble. Way to go, Mo.

So perhaps I'm not stifling his creativity at all.