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Friday, February 5, 2010

More of Mo's famous quotations

Mo continues to crack me up with his comments, observations and wit. Some recent examples:

1. Mo: Hey Mom! I know an animal that stays up all night and sleeps in the day.

Me: Really? Which one.

Mo: Um, let me think a minute.

[One minute later.]

Mo: I remember! A pasta.

(Get it? A pasta, opossum.)

2. Mo: Hey Dad?

Dad: Yes?

Mo: I got CASH!

Dad: You do? How much.

[Mo turns his pockets inside out and lifts up a couple coins.]

Mo: I got some quarters, and some diamonds.

(Dimes=diamonds... wouldn't it be nice.)

3. At the Magic Kingdom in Disney World.

Me: Look! It's Mickey/Minnie/Cinderella/Chip and Dale

Mo: So?

Me: Don't you want to go see them? You could get an autograph. Or give them a hug.

Mo: That's OK. It's just a guy in a costume.

(He equated it to seeing people in costume on Halloween. So what that we're seeing Mickey Mouse in Disney World, I saw six Spidermans - Spidermen? - when I was trick-o-treating.)