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Saturday, February 13, 2010

More on winter in Boogerland

In my last post, I mentioned how the boys - amidst wintertime stir craziness - have been striping down and running laps and jumping on the bed.

Yesterday I was on the phone rescheduling a doctor's appointment when I could hear them getting naked. The squeals of delight gave them away. I figured I had a couple minutes to finish what I was doing before peaking in on them.

Oh but I was wrong. A couple minutes was way too long.

You see, normally, when they run around in the buff, it's not a problem. And they know that "naked time" is for our house only. Mo learned that when he was 2 and kept trying to strip every where we went.

But this time, well, Curly's diaper was full. I didn't know that.

I won't go into detail, but it involved a lot of carpet cleaning, impromptu baths and washing bedsheets and blankets and pillowcases - all before leaving for morning preschool.

To help burn their energy today, we opted for a winter walk in the woods.


  1. Ugh. And I thought I had it bad! My son swallowed a nickel and I am on poop watch until it passes. Nothing says love like digging through turds! Just typing that makes me want to go boil my hands (again) and then bathe in Purell.

  2. I am happy to announce that you make me smile. So, I nominated you for a Sunshine Award. Please head on over to my blog to accept your award. www.ourlifefromscratch.blogspot.com

  3. :) I can't help but like this, despite the grossness of it. We're so used to poop everywhere we don't even use sheets! We just use hospital pads and change them out 2 to 3 times a day! Sorry about the mess, but thanks for sharing. Nice to know we're not alone.


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