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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oh, how the Olympics inspire

As I've said lately, the boys of Boogerland have an extreme case of cabin fever - despite our best efforts to keep them active.

Yesterday Mo asked what I did with "his board." I knew what he meant. They used to have a decorative board on their bedroom wall to measure how tall they were.

Mo kept pulling the thing off the wall and using it for ramps and bridges for his Hot Wheels. And that's fine. But he's your typical, careless 4-year-old and when moving the board he'd smack into furniture and walls. I was worried he'd smack Curly upside the head.

So I did what a lot of moms do: I got rid of it.

Err, actually I told him I got rid of it, but in reality I hid it in the basement storage room.

But you can't trick Mo that easily. He found it and carried it under his arm, beaming. He cruised right past me, headed for the white-carpeted staircase with a purpose.

"Whatcha doin'?" I asked.

Without a pause, he replied, "Snowboarding."