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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Who knew raisins could be so messy?

I've written a lot about the disasters my Booger Boys create. But today they moved to a whole new dimension of messiness.

It started with a canister of raisins. Don't think raisins can be all that messy? Well guess again.

Curly dumped the whole canister in the middle of the living room floor. Right now he dumps everything on the floor, so that was to be expected.
But then Mo got the grand idea to ride his tricycle through the raisin mounds. Over and over again, round and round the living room-dining area-kitchen loop.

Again, it might not sound like that big of a mess. But what happened was the raisins stuck to his wheels - like 100 of them. Then as he rode, they were ground deep into the floor, creating a thick sticky film through our entire first floor.
It took the two of us about an hour on the floor, scrubbing Cinderella style, to de-goo the floor - which Mo did without complaint.
Now I think my floor is cleaner than it's ever been!