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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Freaking out for naught

A couple times recently, I've found myself freaking out for naught. (In this house, my freak-outs are usually well warranted!)

1. Playing hide-n-seek with Mo. He always hides in the same spot - crunched down in an old car seat in the storage room.

Yet, this time, he wasn't there. Then I turned to see the small basement fridge we'd just gotten. It was just his size.

I freaked.

I screamed his name and ran to the fridge. His little head popped up. He was crouched down behind it. He later told Daddy, "Mom screamed and got all scared. But I know not to hide in the fridge."

2. It was our anniversary recently. After work, I ran upstairs to throw on a dress before whisking the kids to a friend's house so we could have an adults-only dinner. The kids watched cartoons contently while I got ready.

When I came down a few minutes later, Mo had locked himself in the downstairs bathroom. When I asked what he was up to, he said the second scariest thing (the first being, "Nothing!"). He said, "I'm painting my nails!"

I had visions of nail polish all over the bamboo floors, wall and counter tops. Remember the Peanut Butter Incident?

Well, he was painting his nails, true. But just like I always do, he had gotten a big square of paper towel to put under his feet/hands. Sure there were a few splatters, but they all landed on the paper towel.

Oh, my little Mo. He's growing up!

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