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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mo's pot o' gold

In preschool they've been doing St. Patty's Day related activities - drawing shamrocks, drinking green milk and reading Irish storybooks.

Along this theme, a teacher was telling them about rainbows and the idea that a pot of gold can be found at the end. The she asked, "What would you buy with a pot of gold?"

Now here, I should include a side note. Mo loves older women. Well, actually little girls who are a couple years older - like the kindergarten through third-grade set. There are a couple girls at day care he'll follow around like a baby duck. He's obsessed with the six-year-old down the street, and after their recent play date, he was on Cloud Nine for about 48 hours.

So the key message here: He's been hanging out with some slightly older girls lately. That's my only explanation...

Now back to my story, teacher asks, "What would you buy with a pot of gold?"

Mo politely raises his hand, and she calls on him.

He replies, "I would get a boyfriend!"

He says all the kids laughed. Not the teachers though.