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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Unfortunate Peanut Butter Incident of 2010

This weekend we had a rather unfortunate incident.

I'll preface this by saying that Curly loves to take things from the pantry and walk around with them. It's not unusual to find him carrying around a can of black beans or rolling a tin of water chestnuts along the floor.

So all week Mo was anxiously awaking a birthday party at a place where they have all sorts of inflatables, including a giant slide. We haven't been there in six months or more, so this was a real treat. We had already picked out and wrapped the gift.

The morning before the birthday party, the boys were playing upstairs, and Dad and I were cleaning downstairs. Because too much quiet is a scary thing in our house, I got a funny feeling and went to check on the boys.

And, well, Curly apparently brought a full jar of peanut butter upstairs. They proceeded to empty it by painting their clothes, bodies and hair - and then they moved on to the walls. The smell was so strong that I detected the peanutty destruction from the stairs.

They made hand prints on the walls. They covered the door knobs. Our clean-up effort was so intense that we lightened or in some cases scrubbed the paint right off the wall. I washed Curly's hair five times, and it's still unnaturally oily.

As we chiseled at the peanut butter disaster, us two grown-ups looked at each other and concluded there was no way we could - after this! - bring Mo to a fun-filled birthday party at the bouncy place. He knew better, and he had done it anyway. We had to be firm in letting him know that's not acceptable, and a four-minute time out wasn't going to be enough.

He was heartbroken, of course. And it was hard on us too.

I delivered the birthday gift and an apology.

Man, it sucks being a parent sometimes.


  1. Ohhh... how sad. I'm amazed you had the strength to go through with it. But kudos to you for helping teach responsibility that will last the rest of his life. What a mess!

  2. Good for you for being a strong parent to make such a tough call. (And, if it helps you be more at peace with your decision...if he was THAT covered with peanut oil, you shouldn't have taken him to the big inflatables where he'd be sweating peanut oils onto surfaces other, potentially allergic, children would be coming into contact with.) But even without that, you made a good decision in not "rewarding" him with a fun excursion so soon after he had intentionally wrecked such devastation. Man, but that's so hard to do as a Mom!

  3. You make an excellent point about the peanut oils and then playing on inflatables around so many other kids - never even thought of that one.


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