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Friday, April 9, 2010

Preschool fashion crisis

Over Easter weekend, Mo wore two different shoes: one tennie and one crock. He also wore orange nail polish: fingers and toes.

At the store one day, he convinced Daddy to buy him a neon green dog collar. Mo wears it as a belt. Often.

He dresses himself and often goes for the brightest colors and boldest patterns he can find, sometimes mixed and matched.

So the point of my story?

This week was crummy, cold and rainy. The boys have matching froggie raincoats. Mo has a matching umbrella and boots. After wearing the frog ensemble through countless rainy days, he decided as soon as we got to preschool that he wouldn't go inside:

He was suddenly embarrassed by his froggie boots.

He cried. He hid. He refused to go inside the classroom.

I talked with the teacher, and she said it would be OK for him to go to class in his socks. He left his boots in the hall, and was fine after that.

And I'm left with this nagging feeling that the fashion crises have only just begun.

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  1. Oh no... already? On a similar note, one of my girls told me a few months ago that she will no longer wear her Elmo shirt to school because Elmo is for babies. (sigh)


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