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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Anybody seen my sense of humor?

So, I've temporarily been neglecting this blog. I could tell you that the kids haven't been cute and funny lately - but that's not exactly true. The truth is, I seem to have lost my sense of humor. I no longer find their "blog-worthy" antics as adorable as I used to.

Here's what I'm talking about.

1. The primo example happened two weeks ago. When I was in the shower, they decided to take a pot that was soaking in the sink and dump it on the kitchen floor. To their 2- and 4-year-old selves, this was so hilarious that it warranted doing it over and over and over and over again. Pot after pot of water, through the entire course of my shower.

You may remember that less than a year ago we had new bamboo floors installed. Even though I dried them as soon as I became privy to the child-induced flooding, a large section of the floor is totally warped. Permanently damaged. Ruined.

Two weeks later and I still can't even chuckle about it.

2. The other night, as soon as I put a homemade, fresh-from-the-oven pizza on the kitchen table, Curly picked up my full glass of ice water and dumped it on top.

3. I just checked my planner to see what's ahead for next week. I keep everything in my planner- reminders about what I need to bring to daycare on Monday, who's birthday it is, play dates, when to pick up the veggies for our farm share (CSA). Everything. Phone numbers. Web sites. To-do lists. Reminders. Confirmation numbers.

Well, one of the little men apparently ripped out Sunday-Wednesday of this week. And I have no idea when it happened or where the pages could possibly be. I feel lost! (If you have plans with me this week - please call and remind me :)

Sorry to be a downer - I'm hoping life in Boogerland will lighten up very soon...