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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Are we too doom-and-gloom?

It's been apparent lately that perhaps we've been too doom-and-gloom when explaining things to the boys. Neither of them is afraid of anything, so we need to explain WHY something is dangerous before they even pay attention. But perhaps we've gone overboard.

  • When Mo was home sick and Curly was a day care recently, Mo excitedly got down a bucket of standard-sized Legos that are usually hidden on a high shelf in a storage area. He asked me, "Can I play with these choking hazards, since Curly's not here?"
  • We walked by a buggy, wooded area that Mo loves to play in. He asked, "Can I go play down by the ticks today?"
  • And when Curly took off running toward the street today, his big brother shouted at the tike, "Stop! Do you want to DIE?"