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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Be safe: Don't follow our vacations

We were on vacation last week in the Wisconsin Dells, followed by a visit to see family and friends over the Fourth.

One of the highlights of our trip - something Mo begged for and had been anticipating for months - was a tour on the Ducks. The Ducks are amphibious vehicles, used in WWII, now retired to giving land/water tours. They look like fishing boats with wheels.

Our kids are 2 and 4. There weren't any seat belts and the life jackets were stowed away in overhead bins. I was a little nervous about safety, but then felt like I was being paranoid. They moved very slowly and the lake is shallow.

Well, did you hear? There was an accident in Philadelphia yesterday when a duck boat stalled in a lake and a barge crashed into it, sinking the duck boat and sending the riders flying and presumably killing two of them.

Now that in itself might not seem too coincidental. But get this.

Our last vacation was to Orlando in January, and besides our visit to the ocean, our favorite excursion was the day we spent in Sea World. I loved the Shamu show - to which my husband and sister constantly made fun of me for - but they did let me drag them to two Shamu shows.

Well, get home and a few weeks later there's a breaking news story about a whale trainer killed in a tragic accident, right in front of the audience at a Shamu show.

Tell me, is that creepy? Or am I just paranoid?