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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Don't break your head!

Over the past few weeks, Mo's been asking me some rather strange and disturbing questions:
  • Can you break your head?

  • Wouldn't you need to use a saw, like the one Daddy has in the garage, to break your head for real?

  • If you did break your head off, you would be dead, right?

  • Would you be dead right away? Could they fix you up at the hospital? You know, put your head back on.

And then I finally started to figure out the source of these weird questions when he asked:

  • You have to jump in the water at the deep end of the pool, right Mom? If you jump in where it's shallow, you'll get dead. Because you'll break your head off. Right?

Of course, no one's ever said that to him explicitly. But they don't have to. In every single pool we've visited this summer, there's been a posted sign with some iteration of this image...


  1. Poor confused little guy! Our John John, who's 2 1/2, likes to go around telling everyone that anything dangerous will cause him to "crack my head open". One of us must have said that to him once, and now every time he jumps on the bed, or tries to climb on something, he'll remind us "I not fall, Mommy, no crack my head open".

  2. My daughters are fascinated by that sign, too... so far, no questions about breaking their heads LOL!

  3. Oh good grief. I wish our little girl would ask those questions. She purposely hits herself in the head all the time or hits her head against other items. One day perhaps she will recognize that head injuries are a bad thing.


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