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Monday, August 16, 2010

Mom's attempt at a relaxing bath

My back's been hurting me, so I tried soaking in a hot tub the other day. But "relaxing" is pretty much impossible in Boogerland.

After just a few minutes of playing with Dad and Mo downstairs, Curly had to come and find me. He toddled right up to the tub and for a second I thought he was going to jump in. But no, trying to be helpful, he started tossing in all the plastic watering cans and toys boats he could find. You know, just so I'd have something to play with.

Since, apparently, I wasn't playing with the toys to his satisfaction, he decided to join the fun -- by splashing me and getting himself all wet.

Then, impossibly quick for a two-year old pip-squeak, he reached over and dumped my almost-full cup of coffee on top of me, right into tub.

So much for relaxing...

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  1. Ah, two ways to have a warm bath, no?


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