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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Another great car conversation

Sometimes I just want to preserve the deep conversations that happen in our car.

Me: OK guys, Dad and I are going to a wedding tomorrow so you're going to have a babysitter.

Mo: You're going, too, Dad?

Dad: Yep.

Mo: And you're taking your mom.

Dad: Not my mom, your mom.

Mo: Right, you're going with your mom.

Dad: No, she's my wife.

Mo: Your life?

Dad: My wife. Your mom's my wife.

Mo: Mom's your life?

Mo sometimes pronounces words incorrectly, often switching the first letter for a different consonant, so I got to wondering...

Me: Hey Kiddo, can you say words with double-u in them?


Curly: X!

Dad: Not like that, say "water" ...


Curly: X!

Mo: Y and Z!


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  1. Once again I am completely l'ing-o-l at your post. I can hear them! "Double-U" "X!" :) :) Love it!


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