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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Help. Is the PTO gonna hate me??

I need some help here, readers. Some of you have kids older than mine, so you've been through this before.

In our first two weeks of having a public school kid, I'm shocked at how many times we've been hit up for money. On three occasions we've been asked to buy "spirit wear" - namely, t-shirts and sweatshirts with my son's school name on it. We've also had "market day" fliers and book sale catalogues sent home.

And these are just the everyday fundraisers - there's also the seasonal fundraisers, like pasta and pizza sales that start later this month.

Here's my issue. My kids have plenty of clothes. The market day food is neither fresh nor healthy (kind of a misleading name, isn't it?) and I just don't have the space in my freezer. We have more books than we know what to do with - and a nearby library we visit weekly. On top of that, I'm not comfortable hitting up my friends and family for overpriced pizza or pasta or wrapping paper or any of that stuff.

However. I have no problem donating to my kids' school. I get that schools are underfunded, and I want my boys and the other kids in our community to have the best education possible.

Money for the school = GOOD
Overpriced crap I don't want = BAD

So, how do you solve that dilemma?

Well, we'd like to find out what the school really needs and then decide what we're comfortable donating - knowing we have two kids who will each attend the school for six years. Can we just make a personal donation from our family toward new computers or library books or whatever?

And then we could be allowed to ignore every market day and book sale and whatever other fundraiser they throw at us?!

Will that royally tick off the PTO? Are there better ways of doing this? I'd love to hear some thoughts on the subject...