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Sunday, October 10, 2010

If Mo had spending power...

For his birthday Mo got a Webkinz toy, and every toy comes with a code for its cyber-likeness that the kids can "play" with online. I didn't know much about Webkinz until my Mother-in-Law enlightened us on how you can play little games to earn cyber-money for your character and then buy them things.

What kind of things can you buy for an online character? Well, food, clothes, furniture, toys, extra rooms for their homes, decorations, a day at the spa - it's crazy, actually, all the different things you can buy these "pets."

But what I really get a kick out of is seeing how Mo spends his cyber-money.

  • His pet has only two outfits: A tuxedo and a swimsuit. (All you really need, right?)

  • He saved up for a long time to buy an antique toilet. (Really, that's what you want to buy?)

  • His two beds are a pirate bed and a hammock.

  • He now has two scooters, a hovercraft, a swimming pool, a bowling set and a large collection of bobblehead dolls. But still just the two outfits.