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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lemonade stand - Mo style

Ever since a neighbor girl had a lemonade stand last spring, Mo's been obsessed with the idea of having one too.

I've steered him away from it - thinking he'll be board to death and that it's tacky to charge your neighbors a quarter for a cup of lemonade.

Well, Daddy was cleaning out the garage on Sunday, and Mo found a folding table. He soon hauled it to the bottom of the driveway. I had to run some errands but had a suspicion about what was going to be waiting when I came home.

Sure enough, Mo had a lemonade stand going when I got home. But in true Mo fashion, his wasn't like any other. For one, it was green. Forget the disposable cups (we don't have any), he pulled his favorite cups from the cupboard, and Dad washed them in between uses. He also recycled the sign - taking a former art project and turning it into his advertisement.

But my favorite part was the price...



And get this. He didn't walk away empty-handed: He made $2.60 in tips!

Plus he attracted tons of friends to play with for the rest of the afternoon and evening, long after the lemonade stand was abandoned.