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Friday, October 22, 2010

Monsters vs. strangers

This was a writing exercise that my writer's group suggested I post here. It was supposed to present the point of view of someone who's anxious and having trouble distinguishing what's real. It's based on several actual conversations with Mo.

Monsters Inc. Little Monsters. Elmo. Grover. Cookie Monster.

Mom says they're not real. But she buys me sheets and blanket and those things that go on your pillows - they all have monsters on 'em. One eye, two eyes, three. Horns and sharp teeth.

I tell her they scare me. They'll eat me in my sleep.

She says they're "not real." Nothing to be scared of.

So I tell myself: The scary stuff isn't real. Mom says monsters aren't' real.

Just like strangers.

But now she's laughing. She says strangers ARE real. But strangers aren't on TV. They're not on my bunk bed covers. But now strangers are supposed to be real?

What about pigs, Mom? Are pigs real?