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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mrs. Who?

I volunteered in Mo's classroom Friday, which was so much fun.

As soon as I walked in, one boy asked me to tie his shoe, another hugged me and a little girl asked my name. I replied "Brooke."

But soon I learned that I'm not "Brooke" in the classroom.

MANY times over, the teacher addressed me as "Mrs. Hall." It was the most bizarre thing.

I loved helping the kids read and write, but hearing, "Mrs. Hall will hand out your workbook," and "Just ask me or Mrs. Hall for help" - not only did it not feel like she was talking to someone else, I also realized I was getting a big agitated.

Did it make me feel old? Well, yes it did, but I think it was more than that.

I realized that only other time I've been addressed that way is when annoying telemarketers call the house. This was the first time I've been called "Mrs. Hall" in a good way!


  1. It weirds me out, too. Very few people refer to me by anything other than my first name, so even when telemarketers do it, my first reaction is "Who?" Our preschool is a "Miss Kristin" type of classroom, so at least I won't be thrown off when I volunteer on Tuesday : )

  2. Oh I hear ya', sista'! I've fully given my students permission to call me by my first name, but often they still call me "Professor J." Yikes!


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