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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Basketball or something like it

This morning Mo had his first, uh, "basketball," uh, "game." He's five. I'm sorry but that's just too young. I started playing in second grade, and even that was pretty darn young.

It was basically a bunch of kids running back and forth - with two refs and four coaches right on the court herding them so they knew which direction to run. Except for a couple truly gifted kids, most of them were clueless about what was happening.

For Mo, this was his first team sport adventure. Since I wanted to make sure he understood the concept of defense, we've been talking about that a lot this week. My big message was, "Arms up!"

Well, I should have spent some time explaining offense. Because no matter what - even if his teammate was trying to throw him a pass - Mo just stood there with his hands in the air. He didn't know who had the ball, but boy were his arms up!

Afterwards I asked him what his favorite part was. He said, "Sitting on the bench."


  1. Anonymous20.11.10

    Ha! I love it! I didn't start playing b-ball until 6th grade, and I'm thinking if I had started younger, I might not have been quite so quick to make baskets for the other team! Anyway, Puppy had a similiar experience with soccer last spring - I wrote about it at: http://jessicavitalis.com/2010/06/26/strategic-planning/

  2. Now that's funny! I played "rec league" basketball in elementary school. I think I started in third grade. For me, it was just something fun to do, but for some of those girls it was ubercompetitive, even at that age. At least Mo had fun on the bench!


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