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Monday, December 20, 2010

Trouble in a cute package

Curly's super-cute these days, but boy is he a lot of trouble.

Just yesterday:

  • He picked up my coffee cup and emptied its contents on the floor.
  • He refused to put on his coat, hat, gloves, socks or shoes. He also wore his jammie shirt all day long.
  • I put my dinner on the kitchen table and ran back to grab the Parmesan cheese. Curly took that opportunity to dump my entire glass of water over my spaghetti dinner.
  • He broke the power cord on my laptop.
  • When I ran upstairs to talk about Christmas gifts with my mom (didn't want the boys to overhear), Curly pulled a kitchen chair up to my spice cupboard and sprinkled stuff all over the counters and floor - including an entire jar of basil.

I just keep reminding myself that Mo used to be like this, too, and I know that little Curly will grow out of it eventually.

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  1. Fortunately, this month is always a well-behaved month in our house. I keep telling them Santa is watching and that works. What will I do when they're older?!


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