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Since this blog was active, we moved overseas and back again. Now you can read about the boogers' latest adventures at www.boogersabroad.com.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"I don't want to die, ever."

Tonight I was helping Mo get ready for bed after his bath. He stopped and looked at me, suddenly fearful. Out of nowhere, he says:

Mo: I don't want to die!

Me: What makes you think you're going to die?

Mo: I don't want to die, ever.

Me: You don't have to worry. You won't die until you're very, very old. It's nothing you have to worry about right now.

Mo: But I don't want to die ever.

Me: Well, you can live longer by making sure you stay healthy. And you can stay healthy by eating fruits and vegetables and exercising and getting a good nights sleep.

Mo: Really, then I'll live forever?

Me: Well, uh...

Mo: Like until I'm 26?

Me: Yeah. Until you're 26. And even longer than that. Way longer.

Me: Wow.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oh, how the Olympics inspire

As I've said lately, the boys of Boogerland have an extreme case of cabin fever - despite our best efforts to keep them active.

Yesterday Mo asked what I did with "his board." I knew what he meant. They used to have a decorative board on their bedroom wall to measure how tall they were.

Mo kept pulling the thing off the wall and using it for ramps and bridges for his Hot Wheels. And that's fine. But he's your typical, careless 4-year-old and when moving the board he'd smack into furniture and walls. I was worried he'd smack Curly upside the head.

So I did what a lot of moms do: I got rid of it.

Err, actually I told him I got rid of it, but in reality I hid it in the basement storage room.

But you can't trick Mo that easily. He found it and carried it under his arm, beaming. He cruised right past me, headed for the white-carpeted staircase with a purpose.

"Whatcha doin'?" I asked.

Without a pause, he replied, "Snowboarding."

Saturday, February 13, 2010

More on winter in Boogerland

In my last post, I mentioned how the boys - amidst wintertime stir craziness - have been striping down and running laps and jumping on the bed.

Yesterday I was on the phone rescheduling a doctor's appointment when I could hear them getting naked. The squeals of delight gave them away. I figured I had a couple minutes to finish what I was doing before peaking in on them.

Oh but I was wrong. A couple minutes was way too long.

You see, normally, when they run around in the buff, it's not a problem. And they know that "naked time" is for our house only. Mo learned that when he was 2 and kept trying to strip every where we went.

But this time, well, Curly's diaper was full. I didn't know that.

I won't go into detail, but it involved a lot of carpet cleaning, impromptu baths and washing bedsheets and blankets and pillowcases - all before leaving for morning preschool.

To help burn their energy today, we opted for a winter walk in the woods.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

How to tell it's winter in Boogerland

We try really hard to keep the boys active in the dead of winter. Open gym at the gymnastics place. Swimming at the Y. Sledding. Mo's taking an intro to sports class.

But you can tell when all of that just isn't enough, and the little men get stir crazy. Then they start making their own fun. Lately they've been:
  • Taking off their clothes and running circles and jumping on the beds.
  • "Sledding" down the stairs in a plastic storage bin.
  • Jumping off the stairs into a giant pile of pillows and blankets.
  • Making "bridges" with every chair and cushion in the house in order to cross from sofa to recliner to kitchen table without getting eaten by alligators.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Little fashionista

The boys' dresser is too tall for Mo to reach the top drawers safely. Yet I want to continue encouraging him to dress himself - which has been a huge time-saver in the morning.

So I recently began using an under-the-bed storage container for Mo's clothes for the week. I put seven pairs of pants, seven shirts, undies and socks in the bin. I even make sure all the tops and pants match each other so he looks good no matter which combination he picks.

After a couple weeks, I started to feel guilty about preselecting all of Mo's outfits. He looked too polished, too grown up. He used to get so creative with his plaids and stripes and his bright green dog collar he sometimes wears as a belt.

Oh, but then he started getting creative again. That's my boy.

First he put his turtleneck on backwards and inside out. I pointed out what was incorrect and asked him if he'd like to change it before preschool. He said, "No, it's not scratchy or anything. I like it like this."

So I let him go like that. Interestingly, no one said a word even though it was quite obvious with his tag at the base of his throat.

Then he found a pair of Curly's sweat pants and decided to wear them to day care. I pointed out that his calves were exposed and he couldn't leave the house like that in the dead of winter. He went back to his room to change.

However, when he came back, instead of wearing new pants, he'd added a pair of knee socks to the ensemble. Way to go, Mo.

So perhaps I'm not stifling his creativity at all.

Friday, February 5, 2010

More of Mo's famous quotations

Mo continues to crack me up with his comments, observations and wit. Some recent examples:

1. Mo: Hey Mom! I know an animal that stays up all night and sleeps in the day.

Me: Really? Which one.

Mo: Um, let me think a minute.

[One minute later.]

Mo: I remember! A pasta.

(Get it? A pasta, opossum.)

2. Mo: Hey Dad?

Dad: Yes?

Mo: I got CASH!

Dad: You do? How much.

[Mo turns his pockets inside out and lifts up a couple coins.]

Mo: I got some quarters, and some diamonds.

(Dimes=diamonds... wouldn't it be nice.)

3. At the Magic Kingdom in Disney World.

Me: Look! It's Mickey/Minnie/Cinderella/Chip and Dale

Mo: So?

Me: Don't you want to go see them? You could get an autograph. Or give them a hug.

Mo: That's OK. It's just a guy in a costume.

(He equated it to seeing people in costume on Halloween. So what that we're seeing Mickey Mouse in Disney World, I saw six Spidermans - Spidermen? - when I was trick-o-treating.)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Who knew raisins could be so messy?

I've written a lot about the disasters my Booger Boys create. But today they moved to a whole new dimension of messiness.

It started with a canister of raisins. Don't think raisins can be all that messy? Well guess again.

Curly dumped the whole canister in the middle of the living room floor. Right now he dumps everything on the floor, so that was to be expected.
But then Mo got the grand idea to ride his tricycle through the raisin mounds. Over and over again, round and round the living room-dining area-kitchen loop.

Again, it might not sound like that big of a mess. But what happened was the raisins stuck to his wheels - like 100 of them. Then as he rode, they were ground deep into the floor, creating a thick sticky film through our entire first floor.
It took the two of us about an hour on the floor, scrubbing Cinderella style, to de-goo the floor - which Mo did without complaint.
Now I think my floor is cleaner than it's ever been!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Mom is cool again, sort of

I recently posted about how Mo passed up a special trip with Daddy and me to hang with the babysitter. Yesterday we had the opposite experience.

I took him to play on the inflatables at the Y yesterday afternoon as a special treat while Curly and Dad napped. As soon as we got there, he took off. There were lots of kids jumping around the bouncy house and racing through the blow-up obstacle course. Mo was in heaven.

I hung back with the other parents, as we collectively congratulated ourselves for finding a (free!) way for the rug-rats to burn some energy in the dead of winter. Mo yelped and ran and bounced and laughed.

But then something changed.

He kept asking me to run the obstacle course with him. Or bounce with him.

If it was less crowded, I would be out there in a second. I've done it many a time.

But it didn't feel right to take a spot in line away from another overactive 4 year old - and make all the other kids wait in line just that much longer so Big Mama could have a turn. So I explained as much to Mo.

But he kept coming back. And back.

And then I figured it out.

There was a group of boys there, just a little older than him, who were all friends. I watched Mo ask one of the smaller guys, "Will you be my friend? Will you play with me?"

The kid said, "NO!" and gave him the cold shoulder.

Not easily deterred, Mo asked several more times, garnering the same reaction.

Now Mo is a very energetic, sociable guy - but I could see in his little face how much it hurt to get shunned by these older kids.

So I said, "Hey Kiddo, let's race on the obstacle course!" And we did. Over and over.

Yep, I was the only grown-up out there. And yes, I made the other kids wait in line while Mo and I bounced and bopped and slid. Boy did we have fun.

Afterwards, we just had to stop at Culvers and get ice cream - they had waffle cones on sale for a buck! I figure I need to take advantage of these moments now, while he still wants to hang out with his mama.