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Thursday, April 29, 2010

More on baby talk

After posting yesterday about Curly's language explosion, I just have to tell you what he said to me this morning.

When we were saying "goodbye" this morning before work/day care, we did the usual kiss-kiss, hug-hug, wave bye bye routine.

Me: I love you, Baby.

Curly: Bye, Mom.

Me: Good bye, Sweetie Pie.

Curly: Bye bye, Sweetie Mom.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What did you say?

We've had Curly hanging around our house for nearly two years now. We're used to him crying, grunting or pointing to get what he wants. He's also proficient in speaking gibberish.

Until recently.

It seems like overnight, Curly went from not talking to speaking complete sentences. It's the strangest thing. Almost like having a different kid around.

Take this morning. My little guy used to pull me by the finger to the pantry and point to what he wanted. Today, he just walked up to me and said, "I want cake, Mom."

The other day when Mo asked for an "orange cheese stick," Curly looks over and says, "I want orange cheese too."

I love hearing his little voice, but it still throws me when I'm struggling to put on his shoes and instead of crying or whining, he yells, "I DON'T WANNA GO!"

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day in Boogerland

We're taking a walk in the neighborhood. The boys are chewing on their very favorite fruit snacks. When Curly's finished, he chucks his wrapper onto the sidewalk.

"Hey!" Mo yells.

He chases after the wrapper and hands it to me - like he does with most trash. (Gee, thanks.)

"Mom!" he tattles to me. "He was being a GLITTER BUG!"

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Welcome to the Ant Haven

This time of year, we start having a problem with ants.

The unnoticed apple juice spill. The last bite of granola bar tossed behind the couch. The stray dripping from a freezy pop. We may as well have a sign on the front door, "Welcome to the Ant Haven."

I've been keeping close tabs on the boys, and explaining to Mo how we have to be careful with our food to prevent being taken over by creepy crawlies. I also bought some child-proof ant traps.

So this afternoon, he was munching Pringles and leaving crumbs all over the place. Instead of going for the dust pan or at least pointing out the mess - like he's been doing lately - he just ignored the Pringle droppings.

"Buddy, you need to clean that up," I reminded him.

He shrugged. Then he pointed to an ant trap, less then a foot away, hiding under the couch.

"It's OK, Mom. See? This will get 'em," he rationalized.

Friday, April 16, 2010

The benefits of opening your trap

Sometimes it's best to shut your trap. I know I've inserted my foot in my mouth more times than I care to remember.

But lately - and specifically when it comes to Curly's Hirschsprung Disease - I've been very grateful I opened my big fat mouth. In fact it happened twice today.

We met with Curly's surgeon for an annual check-up. I blathered on about how Curly has bad reactions to oranges and poppy seeds, and how his tummy troubles have been kept in check lately - which I partially attribute to the probiotics we've been giving him (referred by other HD parents who've been there, done that).

He was fascinated not just about the benefits of the probiotics (which he said made total sense), but also the network of HD parents I've connected with through the Internet.

First, he wrote me a strongly worded letter to send to my insurance, who will not let me use my medical flex spending account for Curly's pricely probiotics without a doctor's referral. The letter talks about his susceptibility to enterocolitis, which is life-threatening, and how use of probiotics could decrease his need for future visits and hospitalizations. (So take that, Insurance Lady who was giving me grief on the phone this week!)

But secondly, and most exciting, was his interest in doing research on Hirschsprung, specifically about what can be done to reduce the conditions these kids live with after their surgeries, which no one seems to know much about. You mostly just hear: They have a surgery (or three) and then they're "fixed up."

He then asked if he could tap into my network and if I thought the other HD parents would be willing to fill out surveys about their experiences.

And since we're all out here on the Web seeking information - and many are frustrated with the lack thereof - I figured we could find quite a few recruits. How cool if this research could help our kids and future generations of HD kids and parents!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Good Peanut Butter Story

I talk a lot about the horrible messes, frantic times and uncomfortable situations my boys put me through. But, lest I sound like a big ole whiner, I must admit we have a lot of wonderful bright spots in our crazy lives.

Sometimes it's the little things. Like at the playground the other day when a little girl got stuck, and Mo hoisted her up - really, he rescued her - and then went about his business of chasing the older boys. Not a second thought.

I was so proud.

And this weekend, Mo was my little shining star.

The boys usually get up at 5:45 a.m. But instead of running into our room and tugging at me and Daddy to entertain them - the boys went downstairs on their own.

Mo put on Curly's favorite train cartoon - which is all it takes to keep the little guy happy.

But it didn't end there. When they got hungry, Big Brother Mo got out the bread and (using a chopstick, since he's not allowed to use the knives) made two peanut butter sandwiches. He even got out the special cookie cutters to make the PBJs into circle shapes.

The next time they make one of their infamous messes, I'll try to remember coming down the stairs yesterday morning - with an extra 45 minutes of sleep - and seeing them camped out on the living room rug, side-by-side, eating their little circle sammies and watching The Busy Little Engine.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Preschool fashion crisis

Over Easter weekend, Mo wore two different shoes: one tennie and one crock. He also wore orange nail polish: fingers and toes.

At the store one day, he convinced Daddy to buy him a neon green dog collar. Mo wears it as a belt. Often.

He dresses himself and often goes for the brightest colors and boldest patterns he can find, sometimes mixed and matched.

So the point of my story?

This week was crummy, cold and rainy. The boys have matching froggie raincoats. Mo has a matching umbrella and boots. After wearing the frog ensemble through countless rainy days, he decided as soon as we got to preschool that he wouldn't go inside:

He was suddenly embarrassed by his froggie boots.

He cried. He hid. He refused to go inside the classroom.

I talked with the teacher, and she said it would be OK for him to go to class in his socks. He left his boots in the hall, and was fine after that.

And I'm left with this nagging feeling that the fashion crises have only just begun.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Throw Mama under the bus

Mo's been tattling a lot lately - on me!

For my last dentist appointment, Daddy got stuck at work so I hauled both boys with me.

Curly sat unhappily buckled in his stroller, alternately trying to hurl himself out of it, grab at the equipment and turn the lights on and off.

Mo talked. And talked and talked.

There was a quiet moment (finally!) and I think I heard the hygienist take a deep breath.

But instead of enjoying the silence, Mo decided to fill it by throwing Mama under the bus.

"Hey Dentist Lady! Sometimes my Mom doesn't brush my teeth all that great."

Gee, thanks kid.